Brandon Schell 


Brandon Schell completed the majority of his undergraduate education at FIT, where he received a degree in Graphic Design. He continued his education, studying film at Drexel University and becoming a certified technician at Greenville Tech. In 2013 he received a BA in Liberal Arts from TESC. In 2008, he owned and operated a gallery showcasing his serigraphy techniques in Old City Philadelphia. In 2010 he returned to New York. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

The majority of his current work uses silk-screened illustrations to pictorialize progression. He works with his muse in three-hour sessions. She repeats the same poses over and over with slight variations in ten to fifteen minute increments. Afterwards, he chooses which ones to continue with, based on the shapes created and theme to be curated.

Artist Statement

This work is the visual representation of the subtle important moments in-between. Patterns repeat until a solution arises – look, pause, look, pause step back and exhale. Progression is a process not often celebrated. The processes are as vital as the finished product. The hope is to pictorialize the monotonous repetition that provides peace of mind. All problems are solved by trial and error, modifying the approach minutely as time passes. These incidents of progression have a stillness in them. Through the developmental process, the artist makes distinctive spatial decisions. Everything in the artist’s company is a constant while his psychical interpretation is a variable. The irremediable antagonism between the literal and intangible result in dominant shapes floating in space until they are juxtaposed to one another. Once a regulation has been defined, in every similar circumstance an action is reciprocated without hesitation or indecision. The seemingly haphazardness of the individual drawing is elucidated when compared to the previous and forthcoming.