Jeffrey Teuton founded Keeler & Co. in 2013 after serving as Director of the Jen Bekman Gallery on New York’s Lower East Side.  Jeffrey began working with the gallery and Jen Bekman Projects in 2003 after studying at The School of the Museum of FIne Arts and TUFTS University in Boston. Teuton was a panelist for Jen Bekman Projects’ world renowned Hey, Hot Shot! competition, as well as with the curatorial team of  Bekman’s E-Commerce arm 20x200.  He has lectured at numerous institutions as well as participated in both national and International festivals and seminars.  His talks include both those on the current fine art market and the business of photography and contemporary art. He has curated more than fifty exhibitions over his time at the gallery and as an independent curator. Jeffrey loves cabinets of curiosity, especially those involving shells, bones and rocks. He is a practicing artist ( and an avid collector of artwork across all media.